The best features of web hosting

Web hosting is a budding business with a lot of future ahead of it. Being so profitable has made it tempting for businesses to enter and have led so many different hosting companies that for the regular customer is very difficult to make his / her decision. There are a lot of reputable and reliable hosting companies out there to choose from, but the question is what to look for. The following are some of the best features you can find in your hosting reseller.

Monitoring is one of the features you should definitely look for. Most of the web hosting companies offer this and provide 24/7 server monitoring. If you wonder why this should be something you need to search for, monitoring the servers means monitoring your site as well. If the servers do well and are secure, your site will perform in a similar way. Another asset that such monitoring provides comes from the fact that usually not only your account is placed on a single server. This feature is a must in such cases as it does not allow the other accounts to interfere with the performance of your sites.


Uptime is the next important feature you should look for. Unfortunately, servers happen to have downtime, and as much as it is uncomfortable to do so, you should consider this to be a situation. The question is, how often, since such a downtime on the server immediately means that your site is not available. For some of you this might not be so important, but especially for people who have online business sites, this is probably the most important feature for a hosting company to deliver. You should definitely look for companies that offer such guarantees and look for such, to provide more than 99% uptime guarantee.

Considering that after all surveillance and uptime, something is not directly connected to you, what is it that will make you choose this plan or another. Probably the first answers here are price, disk space and bandwidth provided. The latter is associated with the performance of your site. In terms of disk space, it relates to storing data for your site images, videos, databases. Make sure you check these features, especially for a shared plan, so have an idea of ​​which plan will be best suited to your needs.

There are many more features that will be a must for your hosting company to provide based on your specific needs. What is most important is to know that your site is hosted by a trusted company. This trust primarily involves knowing that the servers are monitored 24/7 that your site will be available online all the time and the resources you need are provided by your hosting company. The rest comes from the extra features that you are offered, as well as from the relationship you want to create with this company over time.

Scams among web hosts

If you are new to web hosting, domains, and creating your own websites, there are a few things you need to know before you jump your head first into what might be a scam. You should not be very confident of just anyone on the web who asks you to pay a monthly fee for services you are not sure they actually provide. There are several ways a web host can cheat you to lose your money and possibly your information on your site as well.

When you begin your search for the perfect Web Host, be sure to check the Terms of Service (TOS) with each host you check out. Make full control of the site, what it has to offer, and what the policies are, will help you better understand what you would be enrolling for. When you see websites, always look for a money back guarantee and contact information. If a site has no way to get in touch with the administrator, more than likely it is a scam.

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Please note that any material you place on a web site hosted by a web host may have full rights in the web host name, the terms of service should have something about your uploads and copyright material. Don’t trust sites that offer unlimited bandwidth, this is impossible. Some places keep an average in how much bandwidth a single client uses, and that means that all seems to be unlimited even though you don’t send many. If a site is new, more than likely, it is not credible, then try doing research to see if there are any reviews on the site if no one does not spend your money on this site.

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