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“The SMS Domain Check from hosting provider Domeinwinkel makes it possible to check with your phone quickly and free of charge, always and everywhere, if your ideal domain name is still available. Send an SMS with your desired domain name and you will immediately receive an SMS (€ 0 per message received) with its availability.

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Handy when you have come up with a nice domain name, but are just in a meeting, in a pub, lying on the beach, have to wait in traffic, are at work, or just do not feel like turning on your computer. In addition, it works many times faster and cheaper than mobile internet (which is not yet available to everyone). ”

Why this application?

“The SMS Domain Check was devised by an employee of Domeinwinkel. She was brainstorming with a friend about a nice name for their new rock band, whereby it was essential that the .nl or .com domain name should still be available. Unfortunately they were in the pub and couldn’t check this … She thought it would be handy if she could do this with her phone.

The next day at the office we immediately started working fanatically with her idea. Domeinwinkel has pioneered within the hosting market with needs-oriented – rather than product-oriented – customer communication, and was one of the first providers to make iDeal payments possible for its customers. This new application therefore fitted perfectly into the series of innovations. We hope that this unique application will get new customers in the coming period and also provide existing customers with a wider range of services. ”

How does the application work?

“The SMS Domain Check is very simple: you send an SMS with the text: ‘Go check + your domain name’ to 1008, then you will receive a message within one minute stating whether your domain name is still available with a. .be, and .eu extension. This message is free; you only pay the normal SMS costs to your telecom provider. If it appears that your domain name is still available, you can then register it on the Domeinwinkel website. We currently have plans to make the actual registration by SMS possible, but whether we will actually realize this will depend on the enthusiasm for the current form of the SMS Domain Check.

You do not have to sign up for this service. It is, however, possible to leave your telephone number on the supporting webpage ‘ ‘ so that you receive a (also free) SMS containing the method of the SMS Domain Check. By saving this message you always have the SMS Domain Check quickly at hand. Regarding privacy, your telephone number will only be used to send you a one-time SMS with the availability of your domain name, after which it will be removed from our database. In addition, checking with a secret number is also no problem. “

What are the facts?

“The SMS Domain Check went online at the end of January. Thirteen domain names were checked in the first week, 46 in the second week and 122 domain names were checked in the third week after launch. About 34% of these domain names turned out to be free, of which 48% was actually registered via the website.

Fair is fair; if you are going to recalculate, with 30 new customers in three weeks’ time we cannot speak of shocking figures. It is therefore a new concept, which will take some time to become established. Nevertheless, we are of course happy with the growth that we are already seeing; we expect that this will only increase in the coming period due to the growing awareness of the application.

The best, however, are the responses we receive from customers; for example, there was a lady from Hilversum who, with the help of the SMS Domain Check, found the final company name for her coaching practice. Stories like this are of course fantastic! ”

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Who makes the application?

“The SMS Domeincheck is entirely managed by Domeinwinkel ; a medium-sized hosting provider from Breda that offers its clients domain name registration with web hosting. The application was developed by parent company Vuursteen online media BV , which is also responsible for the technology and design of the Domeinwinkel website. ”

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