Nines new hosting partner of Frankwatching

Frankwatching has moved to the servers of Nines , our new hosting partner , since 6 pm last night . From now on, we use a dedicated hosting package at Nines and that means, in short, our own server, a faster site and more options.

Frankwatching has become about 3 times as big in the last three years. As a result, we had clearly outgrown the shared hosting package (sharing a server with other sites). The transition to the new site, at the end of March this year, meant an extra attack on the performance because, much more than before, we started using data that had to be retrieved from a database. For example, things like voting and rankings of popular articles. In short: the old jacket started to pinch here and there.

FIG. Development of the number of unique visitors to Frankwatching from September 2006 to August 2009New on Frankwatching New features in the WordPress Gutenberg editor8 a.m.Chatbots beyond the hype: 3 important developments doReviews on Amazon: that’s how you handle it with caredo Want to work even more efficiently with Google Ads? Use the Google Ads Editordo Don’t take creativity, but change behavior as a starting point Wed.From 1 September 2009, Nines is our partner for hosting and streaming. Nines has renowned clients such as The Greenery, EMI Music, RIVM and Schuitema. Nines, specialist in the field of hosting solutions, focuses exclusively on the business market and has data centers in the Netherlands and Spain.


Frankwatching uses a dedicated server at Nines. A dedicated server guarantees optimum accessibility and reliability of one or more large, complex and frequently visited websites or business applications. That means not only a much faster site, but also an excellent service. We could already see that in the last few days. It is unbelievable how Matthey van Ramele (manager of Nines) and his people have guided us to the migration in recent days. In fact, when we decided to migrate at 10 o’clock in the morning (!), It turned out to be no problem at all and within 6 hours the signs were posted. Many thanks to Matthey and colleagues and of course also to our own developers Simon Koelewijn and Dave Küppers!

Of course also many thanks to the people from Nxs , who have supported us in an excellent way since December 2006 and with whom we could grow into a site of this size. We look back on a long and good cooperation.

In the coming weeks we will make some small improvements together with the people from Nines so that we can further optimize the loading speed of the site. Furthermore, from now on we also have facilities to stream flash videos ourselves and live streaming is now also possible.

The collaboration with partner Nines offers Frankwatching plenty of new opportunities to further professionalize in the coming period.

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Hosting: what do you know about it?

Since Wednesday, September 2, Nines ensures that the Frankwatching website is optimally accessible through Dedicated Hosting. But how does Frankwatching remain so easily accessible? Nines would like to share her hosting expertise with you. For that reason from now on a series of articles on this theme; You determine the topics yourself through a response to this posting.

Anyone who wants to have a website built or has a website under management automatically comes across various hosting issues. Terms regularly come to the fore such as streaming, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), dedicated and shared hosting. What do you encounter when it comes to hosting? What are the issues at play and what would you like to know more about?

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