The position of the ccTLD

For those users who want to register a domain name version of a particular country (for example, «.us» or «»), a good part of the registration process will be devoted to determining whether or not, if the customer is a resident of that country and, thus legally allowed to purchase one of their top-level country-specific domains (will talk about this later). And it should strike while the secondary home point for users.

Although there are hundreds of available suffixes of domain names (for example, «.com» or «.net), many of these areas have specific requirements for registration.

For example, only organizations can register “.org» domain name, and only US citizens can register a domain name that ends in «.us.» Failure to comply with the principles and requirements for each domain, such as during the actual registration and payment process will result in the domain name ” released “back to the pool of available domain names; the client will have to select the top-level domain for which they actually qualify or to cancel the purchase as a whole.

During the registration process, it is also important to have information directly from the web host, as this information will be needed when filling DNS and MX record information during registration.

These two entries to determine which web hosting server contents are displayed when a user enters the domain, as well as the name of the e-mail sent and received by this hosting package and the associated domain name. inaccurate information will lead to errors and failures load the page.

Who Is data

Every domain name has a public record, which includes personal information of the owner, such as the owner’s name, contact number, email address, and domain registration as well as the expiration date.

This is called WhoIs records and lists the registrant and contact for the domain.

In accordance with the requirements of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), domain owners must make these contact data available in the WHOIS directory. These records are available at any time for those who do a simple search WhoIs.

In other words, if someone wants to know who owns a website, they all do is to run a quick WHOIS searchEnter the domain name, and voila, they have access to the details of registration.

EXAMPLE recording WhoIs
Example WhoIs records (data hidden from the area of ​​privacy).

Particular domain name

WHOIS domain privacy replaces the information with information about the service forwarding is done via the proxy server.

As a result, your personal information, such as physical address, email, phone number, etc. to hide it from the public. Domain privacy is important, because your domain account (ie. Whois-data) can also be used in ways that are not legitimate or desirable. Since anyone can look at the WhoIs record, spammers, hackers, identity thieves and stalkers can gain access to your personal information!

Unethical companies to check the expiration date of the domain expires then send official looking “update” messages in an attempt to get the domain owner transfer the domains of the company, or send invoices, which serve a petition for submission of the search engines and other questionable services.

Both e-mail and snail mail spammers use WhoIs database on e-mail the owners harvest domains and domain owners to contact the claims as well.

The difference between a domain name and web hosting

Domain name and hosting are two different things.

But they are often sold in the same suppliers. examples – InMotion Hosting , whose main business web site hosting, as well as providing domain registration services. GoDaddy , the world’s largest domain registrar, offers a wide range of different web hosting services.

Therefore it is very common for beginners to get confused between the domain name with your web hosting.

To simplify

Domain against Web hosting - how it works

A domain name is the address of your home; web hosting, on the other hand, the space of your home, where you place your furniture. Instead, the street name and the area code, a set of words and / or numbers are used for the website name. ” The same with web hosting, a computer hard disk and computer memory used instead of steel instead of wood, and for storing and processing data files.

The idea is presented clearly with the image below.

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