Domain names move from reseller to user

You may wish to transfer domains from your reseller account at user level to a user account that you can create under List Users at Reseller level. In this article you can read how you can transfer these websites.

Please note, to check if your backup is not corrupt you need Xrar or Winrar . You can find more information while reading the step-by-step plan.

Картинки по запросу hosting

1. Log in to DirectAdmin with your reseller account.

2. Go to User Level and make a DirectAdmin backup, first click on 1 of your domains in the overview and then choose Create / Restore Backups.

3. Check everything and click on Create backup, as soon as your backup is ready you will see this at Message System in DirectAdmin.

4. Download the backup to your PC, you can do this via File Manager in DirectAdmin and then go to the “backups” folder and click on the created backup so that you download the backup to your PC.

5. Once the backup has been downloaded to your PC, open the backup on your PC, you will see the folder structure and your backup will be OK. If you see a window with a message such as ‘Winrar: diagnostic messages’, your backup may be corrupted and you will need to create and download a backup again.

6. Now choose all domains that you want to transfer to another user, change the name of these domains via DirectAdmin on the Domain Administration or Domain setup page under your reseller at User level. Then click for Change a Domain Name and change the name of the domain, for example you can change this from to and click on change.

7. Now go to Reseller level and create the user on the List users page where you want to add the domains. Don’t forget to give the user enough space so that you can upload and restore the backup.

8. Now log in via FTP to the newly created user, once you have logged in you must first create a folder which we call “backups” and then without the “characters.

9. Once the folder has been created, place the downloaded backup from your PC to the backups folder on your FTP and wait until the upload is complete.

Картинки по запросу hosting

10 Then go to DirectAdmin again and login to the account of the newly created user, click on Create / Restore Backups and you will find the backup that you have uploaded on the ftp at the bottom of Select a File to Restore. Now click on Select restore options and restore the backup.

11. Once the restore is done, you must remove the domains that you do not want to keep on this user, this can be done easily via Domain Administration or Domain setup and check the domains that you want to remove and choose Delete.

12. Afterwards you will have to check if the name of the database still matches that mentioned in the config file of your website. The username will differ. You will see the name and user of the new database at MySQL management in DirectAdmin.

You have now finished transferring the websites. If you are unable to find a solution, you can always create a ticket with us for support.

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